Meet Brenden

Brenden Silverman, Co-Founder and VP of Digital

Some call him the "mystery man behind the brand," it's true,
But honestly, he's just obsessed with Leilo's cult-like crew,
He spends his days crafting digital experiences to entice,
For Leilo's "Cult-Like" Consumers, he makes the online world nice.

With a powerful blend of tech and e-comm might,
Innovative strategies for the brand, he brings to light,
Figuring out what's next, always soaring to new heights,
In pursuit of digital success, he never loses sight.

When he's not clicking away, making the brand's digital dreams real,
You'll find Brenden geeking out on the latest tech reveal,
So here's to the mystery man, whose passion is no jest,
Leading Leilo's digital charge, always striving for the best.