Calmbassador Community

At Leilo, we are all about relaxation-- and our Calmbassador community is an important part of spreading the vibe.
The Basics

We view our Calmbassadors as an extension of our brand and because of this, we need to make sure we are the right fit to partner :)

  • What makes a great Calmbassador?
    • Audience: Anyone...everyone needs to relax, ya?
    • Following: No specific number-- but they are engaged and interact with your content.
    • Excited, ambitious, and committed to share Leilo with your social following along with custom discount codes and links.
    • Based is the US.
  • Our perks
    • Competitive commission
    • Free Leilo!
    • Early access to new flavors and launches
    • Consideration to move into paid sponsorship

Sound like a good fit? Apply Now!