Leilo Sampler (6-Pack)

Leilo Sampler (6-Pack)

The World's Best Kava

Try Leilo and experience the Kava sensation that Forbes, NYPost, and Delish, agree is the future of non-alc relaxation.

    The Leilo 6-pack is the introduction to kava.

    • The Leilo Sampler includes 6 cans of pure kava in five tantalizing flavors: Raspberry Hibiscus, Tango Berry, Blackberry Orange, Lemon Ginger, and Sugar-Free Coconut Pineapple Mango

    What is Leilo?

    Non-Alcoholic Relaxation:

    Harnessing kava, Leilo provides a clinical dose of calm in each can.

    Our Star Ingredient: Kava

    Kava is found in the South Pacific and naturally provides uplifting relaxation and peace of mind.Free Shipping & Earn 3,000 Leilo Rewards Points