What is Kava?

Kava is a plant that is grown in the Pacific islands. Islanders have used it for centuries as a social beverage, ceremonial offering, and traditional medicine.
The Kava Root is ground down and made into a natural, non-alcoholic beverage.

The effects of kava

The islanders know kava to induce relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve mood. It can also help you sleep, which is why we made Luna: kava-powered sleep. Kava is a popular supplement for people looking to enhance their sense of well-being and promote relaxation.

How Kava Works

The active ingredients in kava are called kavalactones. Kavalactones work by interacting with the brain to produce a calming effect. Kava also acts on the nervous system to produce a sense of relaxation. Kava is non-addictive and does not push you to an extreme as other substances, such as alcohol or THC; we like to describe Kava as “chill but not overkill.”

The kava root drink's calming effects come from a combination of the plant's active ingredients, kavalactones, which are the primary compound producing the effects kava is known for.

Kava is composed of 18 different kavalactones, with a majority of “experiences” coming from just six. Each variety has a different composition of these six kavalactones, which is why different varieties provide different relaxation effects. Some are more uplifting and great for daytime drinking. Other varieties are better for nighttime drinking and great as a sleep aid. At Leilo, we have done guess work for you, and all-products are expertly grown, harvested, and blended by islanders following their time-tested and cultural traditions to provide the ultimate kava experience.

We love Kava because it provides great relaxation effects without alcohol or addictive properties.

Where does kava come from?

Kava is native to the south pacific and is traditionally sourced from Fiji, and the Vanuatu islands along with cultivation in Tonga, Hawaii, and other tropical regions. The Kava plant has an extensive history, as the indigenous peoples have used the root for various purposes. Kava root was often chewed or ground up and made into a paste, which was then mixed with water to create a beverage.


@Kava Community, we got some questions that we would love to hear from the community on.

What are your thoughts on kava?
How did you find out about kava, and what made you want to try it?
What effect does kava have on you?


  • I wanted to try kava after a friend told me about its relaxing qualities. After a long day at work, I need to unwind and de-stress, and kava has been a huge help for me!

    Kelly on

  • After work, instead of a glass of wine I have a can of this .
    It works like a charm, with no headache the next day! 🥰

    Paula on

  • I’ve been drinking traditional kava for about 6+ years . And this kava tastes so good .. and gives you a amazing relaxing effect.

    Mollie on

  • My husband and I really enjoy the calming effect without alcohol. Great find for us.

    Gail Linn on

  • I’ve enjoyed kava as a natural alternative without the drawbacks of alcohol. Leilo ups the game by having it taste great and come in a beautiful can to sip on with company without feeling out of place

    Austin on

  • I love kava, it’s become my evening ritual to unwind from the chaos of the day

    Casie Blount on

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