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"Leilo is about slowing down, enjoying the moment, and finding relief and release amongst all the noise"

kava drinks, like Leilo, are the hot new sober beverages

"a yummy unwind after a long day with delicious and refreshing calm in a can"

Got Questions?

Where does the Kava used in Leilo come from?

Leilo sources kava directly from Vanuatu, the world’s largest kava-exporting nation. All of our kava is lab-tested and processed in the USA before distribution.

How does Kava work?

Kavalactones, the key compound in kava, aid in relaxing the brain and body as they are absorbed. Kava is known for its reverse tolerance – meaning one processes kavalactones faster and more efficiently with continued use over time.

What are the origins of kava?

Each island nation has its own origin myth for kava, with most agreeing that the powerful plant was bestowed upon its people by the gods. South Pacific explorers took the kava plant far and wide as they explored neighboring islands, leading to the abundance and variety of kava strains present today.

How does kava compare to other botanicals?

Whereas other functional products are known to impair mental cognition, kava facilitates clear-headed calm. This allows consumers to appreciate its relaxing effects without concern for productivity or the morning after.

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